Université Bordeaux Montaigne

The University Bordeaux Montaigne is engaged since several years in distance learning. It provides courses designed by university teachers and validated by the same diplomas as face to face learning. The content of trainings and assignments are generally available on the Internet via the digital work environment of Bordeaux Montaigne University (virtual office) or as handouts distributed to students.

Courses are provided by different departments : "Languages ​​and Cultures", "Humanities", "Territories and communication Scicences", etc. using different  platforms like Claroline or Moodle. It is the teacher's initiative to schedule its meetings (when it is prescribed by the course model) on a tool of his choice.

These environments are used in my proper case to provide the following courses :

Since 2008 : Departement - School of Information and Communication Sciences
Module title : « Informatics and society »
Level : Bachelor degree
Volume : 30 hours at distance (3 to 5 groups a year)
Pedagogical method : 10% presence, 80% distance

  • Lectures : a lecture introduces the impact of ICT on society and discusses the history of innovations that have marked it since the industrial revolution. The objective is to locate the latest technological innovations that will be studied in workshop on a vast chronological axis for better visibility of current and future developments.
  • Project based workshops: from an information search on a topic of their choice, students make a synthesis and prepare a communication product (website, blog, slideshow ) which they present during the last workshop session. Each work should be presented as a written report and an oral presentation that is discussed by the group.



Since 2005 : Department : School of Information and Communication Sciences & Applied languages department
Level : Bachelor & Master
Pedaagogical method : 80% presence, 20% distance

The Virtual Office is a collaborative tool from Contact Office. It is chosen by the University Bordeaux Montaigne to allow access to educational resources and activities (course material, homeworks). The program includes various tools such as calendar, forum, documents share, mail ... ) to assist in the organization and communication with all students. The Virtual Office is available within the Digital Work Environment to all the University personnel (students, teachers and staff). It serves as a hub for training activity, socialization, information and communication. On an educational level, the virtual office has been operating since 2005 for the following functions:

  • Create groups of students enrolled in different levels of training,
  • Distribuer les supports de cours
  • Déposer les documents des TD qui sont réalisés par les étudiants pendants les séances de rencontre en pésentiel
  • Tutorer les projets des étudiants par les moyens de communication du BV : messagerie et Forums
  • Faire des annonces en asynchrones en direction des étudiants : dates des examens, résultats des épreuves d'évaluation, etc.


University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, depatrment of Digital distance learning (ENEAD)


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